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'S tric mi sealltuinn o'n chnoc a's irde / Fear A' Bhta

This website is dedicated to traditional Scottish music and heritage. Ceud mile failte!

Pipes or Pipes

A Man's a Man for a'that (no pipes) A Man's a Man for a'that A Man's A Man for A'That

Auld Lang Syne (no pipes) Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne

Battle of Glencoe (no pipes) Battle of Glencoe The Battle of Glencoe (copyright Jim McLean 1963, used by permission)

Battle of Harlaw (no pipes) Battle of Harlaw The Battle of Harlaw

The Black Bear (no pipes) The Black Bear The Black Bear

Blue Bells of Scotland (no pipes) Blue Bells of Scotland Blue Bells of Scotland

The Blue Bonnets o'er The Border (no pipes) The Blue Bonnets o'er The Border The Blue Bonnets o'er The Border

Bonnie Dundee (no pipes) Bonnie Dundee Bonnie Dundee

Bonnie Prince Charlie (no pipes) Bonnie Prince Charlie Bonnie Prince Charlie

Caller Herrin' (no pipes) Caller Herrin' Caller Herrin'

The Cameronian Rant (no pipes) The Cameronian Rant The Cameronian Rant

Campbells are Coming (no pipes) Campbells are Coming Campbells Are Coming

Coming thru' the Rye (no pipes) Coming thru' the Rye Coming thru The Rye

Danny Boy (no pipes) Danny Boy Danny Boy (The song is Scottish, not Irish)

The Dark Isle (no pipes) The Dark Isle The Dark Isle

Dumbarton's Drums (no pipes) Dumbarton's Drums Dumbarton's Drums

Fear A' Bhta (no pipes) Fear A' Bhta Fear A' Bhta (The Boatman)

Flower of Scotland (no pipes) Flower of Scotland Flower of Scotland

The Flowers of the Forest (no pipes) The Flowers of the Forest The Flowers of the Forest

The Garb of Auld Gaul The Garb of Auld Gaul

Green Sleeves (No Pipes) Green Sleeves Green Sleeves

The Haughs of Cromdale (No Pipes) The Haughs of Cromdale The Haughs of Cromdale

Highland Laddie (No Pipes) Highland Laddie Highland Laddie

Jenny Dang the Weaver (No Pipes) Jenny Dang the Weaver Jenny Dang the Weaver

Kate Dalrimple (No Pipes) Kate Dalrimple Kate Dalrimple

Loch Lomond (No Pipes) Loch Lomond Loch Lomond

MacPherson's Lament (No Pipes) MacPherson's Lament MacPherson's Lament

Mason's Apron (No Pipes) the mason's apron The Mason's Apron

Robin Adair Robin Adair

The Rowan Tree (no pipes) The Rowan Tree The Rowan Tree

Scotland the Brave (no pipes) Scotland the Brave Scotland the Brave

Scots Wha Hae (no pipes) Scots Wha Hae Scots Wha Hae

79th Farewell to Gibaltar 79th (Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders) Farewell to Gibraltar

Sleep Dearie Sleep Sleep Dearie Sleep

Wha'll Be Kink but Charlie (no pipes) Wha'll Be King but Charlie Wha'll Be King But Charlie

Wi' a Hundred Pipers (no pipes) Wi' a Hundred Pipers Wi' A Hundred Pipers

Ye Banks and Braes (no pipes) Ye Banks and Braes Ye Banks And Braes

Amazing Grace (no pipes Amazing Grace Amazing Grace (Not Scottish, but it should be!)

Robert Burn's "Auld Lang Syne"

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