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Subject: The middle class tax cut

Dear Brother Grady,

First the Latin: Nullum Benefactum impunitatum est (In English: No good deed goes unpunished. The unofficial motto of the Vietnam War.)

Before the President Carter episode, the following:

J.R. who returned from the Gulf War to a very tough time, finally winds up in a pot of jam in Charleston, SC. He is still in the reserves and attending drills, summer camps, etc. A fellow member of his unit, a colonel, is a U.S. Magistrate in Charleston. J.R. is a well known rightwinger whose forte was giving "The Threat" briefings annually to the unit before the collapse of the evil empire. The colonel is a Democrat of the yellow dog variety and a Jimmy Carter appointee. The Champion of Justice and Truth is running for reelection as Prez against the Arkansas Illegitimate Draftdodger, and J.R. asks the colonel to explain how one could vote for such an Arkansan. The colonel assures him that the Democrat will institute a middle class tax cut.

After the election and the Arkansas rethinking of the middle class tax cut, J.R. walks up to where the colonel is sitting and starts searching for something as if he had lost some change or a pencil. After a reasonable time, J.R. says "I just can't find it anywhere" and turns to the colonel and asks "Have you seen it?" The colonel responds, " What are you looking for?". Then J.R. answers "That middle class tax cut, I can't find it anywhere!"

Stay tuned. "President Carter's Cuban Follies or I Like Cornbread".

"...be dilligent, prudent, temperate, discrete...."
Your Brother J.R.

copyright©1998 J. R. Martin, all rights reserved

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